アリスナイン Bento Mesh Head by GA.EG: “Damon” (Purchased) L$ 2660* (VIP group discount)*BENTO COMPATIBLE VIEWER NEEDED ! ► Please be sure to use a viewer compatible with the Bento technology ! DISCLAIMER: Advertisement above copyright of “Gael Streeter” owner and creator of “GA.EG” Bento head 2017. (comes in full permission copy with purchased item) Purchased… Read More BLUE FLAME


Unity Standing (Lutke): Sweater: BTTB double shirt. green @TMD January 2017 Boots: [ VERSOV ] BLENDOV. Camel @TMD January 2017 Sitting (Bo): Sweater: BTTB double shirt. yellow @TMD Boots: [ VERSOV ] BLENDOV. Camel @TMD Building Props: ::no13::Little stairs @TMD January 2017